Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.


Oat betaglucan

Taivalkosken Mylly has developed improved dry fractionation oat technology reaching high betaglucan yield with less costs. Taivalkosken Mylly benefits from high quality Finnish oats and experienced supply chain.

Taivalkosken Mylly markets oat betaglucan as extruded non-expanded granules, flour and tailored versions. Extrusion gives structure, easier handling, high water retention and purity. Taivalkosken Mylly markets also whole grain wheat flour that is applicable with betaglucan in baking.

Taivalkosken Mylly betaglucan is applicable for example in baking, convenience and meat products.

Hygienic flours

Taivalkosken Mylly has installed a hygienic cereal process line, after which the microbe purity is very high. It is normal that the microbe levels are less than 100 cfu per g. The cereals fulfill the cosmetic and special food requirements also after colloidal milling and packing. The hygienised flour can easily be used in most of the wet applications like meat products, drinks, dairy and as an ingredient of drink powders (e.g. oat milk).


The main applications are baking, snacks, breakfast cereals, ready to eat foods, meat products, confectionary and wet applications.

Extrusion gives:

Extruded products improve the taste and structure in baking. They are natural baking improvers, which apply also into other applications. Whole grain wheat flour can be used sweet baking, pancakes, waffles, hamburgers, pizzas and in the similar products.

Our values

Dietary experts recommend to eat food, where energy is in better form. The energy level ought to be lower and some energy compounds ought to be slowly digestible. Cereal applications have often high level of rapidly digestible starch and low level satiety bringing protein.

Taivalkosken Mylly has a principle to decrease starch, add protein and add dietary fiber in the products. Examples are products like TalkMuru, TyrniMuru, Rölli, brans and whole grain flours. We are bringing these tasty, nutritional benefits both into dry and wet applications.

Taivalkosken Mylly produces ingredients with no E-codes. Our objective is to give a natural and pure opportunity to replace chemicals and enzymes for example in baking products and other applications.