Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.
Talkkunajauhosta valmistettu makeuttamaton kokojyvämuro.

Taivalkosken Mylly

Taivalkosken Mylly is located in Southern Ostrobothnia, where farming and food industries have a long tradition. The location allows carefully to select raw materials to ensure they reach highest standards. Taivalkosken Mylly uses also the name West Mills Ltd.

All products of Taivalkosken Mylly are produced mainly from Nordic grains that include also organic products and Nordic berries. The grains and berries are pure and natural without E-codes. We have certified ISO 9001:2008 (FIHSK96008A) quality control system and Ecocert natural for cosmetics.

Taivalkosken Mylly produces:

Taivalkosken Mylly co-operates with local suppliers to provide cereal ingredients. Taivalkosken Mylly is the original production place of all the products. The mill has developed processes, where extruders operate as bioreactors resulting in improved water and oil retention, purity, taste and repetitive behaviour. The process improves also nutritional values in terms of protein, dietary fiber and oil content, when required. The products can include betaglucan and omega3, to which EFSA has supported health claims.

Taivalkosken Mylly's milestones

19th century
A water mill was founded to grind nearby farmer's grain. Parts of the constructions can still be seen. Taivalkosken Mylly is situated in the same place at a bank of a small beautiful river.

Industrial production of talkkuna flour started. Talkkuna flour is a traditional Finnish food with a long history.

The sales of TalkMuru to retail shops started.

Subcontract manufacturing started.

The sales of Rölli crisps to retail shops started. Rölli is a Finnish character that is known by most children.

The sales of TyrniMuru to retail shops started.